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Montessori Philosophy
Finding Inspiration at Every Turn


What's Montessori?

At Cottage Montessori, we follow the educational philosophy developed by Maria Montessori, Italy's first female physician.  Dr. Montessori was a scientist who closely observed children. She identified "sensitive periods" of development in young children, during which they are able to learn particular skills and concepts with joy and ease.

A Strong Foundation

As Montessori teachers, we are trained to notice and respond to these special phases of learning.  Young children thrive when they are allowed to grow and learn at their own pace in a stimulating, varied environment free of obstacles to their development.  Children who are guided rather than "taught" become calmer, happier and naturally develop to their own fullest potential. Montessori's method emphasizes not only age-appropriate learning, but concern for the child's social, emotional and physical needs, which nurtures feelings of competence and self-worth. Current early childhood theorists concur that it is in these early years that children develop the foundation on which they will build for the rest of their lives.


Our Story

Education for Life

The qualities developed here at Cottage Montessori - concentration, independence, self-discipline and a sense of order and responsibility - are essential for learning and becoming a caring citizen who will contribute to making the world a better place. Montessori education is often called "peace education."

Our Story

Cottage Montessori got its start in the living room, dining room, and kitchen of my small home in Wayland, MA in the fall of 1993.  I founded Cottage as a toddler program, with six two year-olds and a group of trusting and committed parents, some of whom are my friends to this day.  Part of the beauty of our program, in addition to nurturing the potential of each individual child, is our close-knit community of parents who get to know and support each other, not only while their children are at Cottage but often for many years beyond that time. We'd love to have you join us.                                                        

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