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What Parents are Saying

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“Karen has created a high quality neighborhood Montessori program  Our children have a love of learning that burns bright in part because of their years spent at Cottage Montessori with teachers and friends. They feel empowered and are growing as compassionate people, expressive artists, and leaders along the path. We recommend Cottage Montessori to anyone looking for a preschool program created out of a love for children and their individual ability to shine." 

Jason F & Asuka U

“The Montessori curriculum cultivates curiosity, independence, creativity, and love of learning. The environment at CM is warm and nurturing; it feels more like a family than like a school.”

Laura M

“We love Cottage Montessori! Our son regularly surprises us with deep insights and questions about our world. Cottage’s exploratory, supportive approach to learning has honed his inquisitiveness.”

Aaron C & Angie T

”Cottage's caring teachers and carefully curated environment have strengthened my twins' self-confidence, intellectual curiosity, and emotional well-being. Karen and Monique model the importance of balancing one's independence with the needs of others in the community."

Dawn K

“My older son went there and my youngest attends this Arlington gem now!  It’s home-based with two wonderful teachers that are passionate about what they do.  They have created a wonderful parent community as well.  Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Merrill B

“We are thrilled with how our son has grown this year and how happy he has been at Cottage. We couldn’t have hoped for a better first school experience!” 

Rob H & Rheinila F

"I was scrupulous about making sure that my daughter had a great safe place to learn, but I did not think much about the school community. One of the best benefits of attending Cottage Montessori is the connection between parents and students and teachers. It's small enough that we all know each other, and Karen does such a great job of facilitating community... even during the pandemic.." 

Jess F

“We sent our oldest and middle children, and are planning to send our third child there this fall!  We can’t speak highly enough of this wonderful school.”

Lucy T & David C

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